According to CNET, SpaceX’s current business is to build satellites, not just to provide broadband services worldwide. Elon Musk’s space company is one of two companies awarded a U.S. Department of Defense Space Development Agency (SDA) contract to build four satellites, each of which can track missile threats in low earth orbit. The SDA announced on Monday that SpaceX would receive contracts worth more than $149 million, while major defense contractor L3 Harris would receive contracts worth more than $193 million. < / P > < p > the satellite will be developed around an infrared sensor with a wide field of vision and even tracking Supersonic Missiles. The director of the satellite agency, derearth, will be developing sensors from another satellite, spacelink. L3 Harris will produce a complete satellite in-house, including sensors. < / P > < p > SpaceX has launched hundreds of satellite chains. If its broadband super constellation is to meet all the company’s ambitions, it will eventually produce tens of thousands of satellites. < / P > < p > the eight satellites will be part of what SDA calls the first generation tracking layer and must be designed to interface with the & quot; transport layer & quot; satellite being developed by Lockheed Martin and York space systems. Transport layer satellites communicate with tracking layer satellites and send the information they collect to the places needed on earth. < / P > < p > the two companies must deliver the satellites by September 2022, and if all goes well, the U.S. military may order up to 30 tracking satellites to join the system in the next few years. Global Tech