According to foreign media reports, NASA and SpaceX held the first press conference marking the beginning of the country’s first official flight from the United States to the international space station (ISS). The event was attended by NASA director Jim bridenstein, deputy director of the human exploration and operations mission Council, Kathy leuders, and Hans Jorg koenigsmann, vice president of SpaceX construction and flight reliability. The crew will fly to NASA for the first time on October 31. Considering that it will use SpaceX’s Dragon 2, the spacecraft was tested by the demo-2 mission earlier this year. < / P > < p > it is understood that the demo-2 mission was completed by astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley. They are responsible for assessing the performance of the spacecraft on the international space station, which splashed down on the Florida coast of Pensacola in August. After that, NASA and SpaceX worked hard to assess possible anomalies during the mission. At the < / P > < p > campaign, leuders and koenigsmann said that the two problems they found related to heat shield and air pressure measurement system were relatively minor. Among them, the heat shield of the Dragon spacecraft can ensure that the spacecraft can withstand the high temperature when re entering the earth’s atmosphere, and the air pressure measurement system of the aircraft determines when the parachute will deploy when it splashes down. < / P > < p > koenigsmann was then asked further details about how the company could improve the heat shield. He points out that the problem seems to be caused by the dislocation of the air flow caused by the tension and restraint. In addition, in response to another question, he said that SpaceX had not encountered such a problem in the demo-1 task. However, koenigsmann speculates that the erosion may be due to the increased weight and different orbits used by the demo-2 mission. < p > < p > in the end, leuders said her agency was confident that SpaceX would be upgraded, and that NASA was very satisfied with the design. < / P > < p > it is understood that NASA and SpaceX’s crew-1 missions are currently being certified prior to their planned launch next month. The Dragon 2 spacecraft, which will be used for the mission, will complete human level certification in early October, and its flight readiness assessment is expected to be conducted a week before launch, leuders said. Global Tech