The flight altitude of the SN8, a prototype of SpaceX’s starship, will be 1 km lower than previously expected. Elon Musk said the flight altitude of the SN8 prototype would reach 15 kilometers, close to 50000 feet, rather than the 18 kilometers (nearly 60000 feet) he had mentioned earlier, but did not mention the reasons for the expected altitude reduction. < / P > < p > musk added that the SpaceX team in South Texas will complete the drilling machine and front flap equipped with the Starship prototype SN8 next week. He also showed the latest development of the prototype, indicating that the fuselage rear flap was almost finalized. < / P > < p > SpaceX wants to prove that if the high altitude test is successful, the Starship will not only be able to complete a short “transition”, but will be closer to a fully functional and safe rocket. The company has put its future on the starship, hoping that the “star ship” will make space travel and interstellar travel possible, and SN8 will be a milestone. < / P > < p > according to SpaceX’s recent filings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the company requested a flight test after October 11. Each test flight helps engineers improve their equipment and get closer to the goal of launching a “spaceship” into a spaceship. Musk said the first orbital flight attempt “could be next year.”. More than once, he found it difficult to develop a rocket to reach orbit, so the star ship would need “dozens of” test flights before it could be put into operation. < p > < p > according to the report, the “star ship” is the core of SpaceX’s Musk’s future space plan. According to Musk’s idea, the future “star ship” can carry 100 people to cruise Mars together. But from a practical point of view, landing on the moon is more important for musk to consider. NASA is considering the commercial “star ship” as a space shuttle between the lunar orbit and the surface of the moon, and plans to rely on the government supported SLS heavy rocket and Orion crew module to transport astronauts from the earth to the moon in the 1920s, so as to return human beings to the moon. Jim bridenstein, director of NASA, said SpaceX’s “starship” has an “absolute chance” to change the rules of the space exploration game. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities