During the launch of another batch of Starlink satellites, SpaceX revealed some details of the Starlink program. The company said the satellites could provide ultra-low latency with download speeds greater than 100 Mbps. Although not as fast as SpaceX initially advertised, it is faster than early user testing. < / P > < p > the satellite chain is one of SpaceX’s ambitious plans. It will launch nearly 12000 satellites into low earth orbit to provide broadband coverage for the ground. After today’s launch, SpaceX has put more than 700 satellites into orbit, exceeding the 400 required to provide the initial & quot; operating capability & quot; and close to the 800 required to provide & quot; critical operational capability & quot; according to musk. < / P > < p > this summer, SpaceX began early testing of the constellation, and employees used Starlink to test download speed. “The Starlink team has been collecting latency statistics and conducting standard speed tests on the system,” Kate tice, senior project Reliability Engineer at SpaceX, said in today’s launch broadcast. That means we’re checking the speed of the data from the satellite to the customer and back to the rest of the Internet. The preliminary results are good. < / P > < p > tice indicates that the download speed is greater than 100 MB per second (MB / s), which is repeated by SpaceX’s Twitter account. But that seems to be wrong, because SpaceX then deleted the tweet and said the actual speed was 100 megabytes per second (Mbps). Tice also said that the delay of star chain is enough to play large-scale online video games, our download speed is fast enough to play multiple high-definition movies at the same time, and there is still bandwidth left;. < / P > < p > while that sounds good, SpaceX promised Gigabit speed in its initial submission to the FCC. SpaceX states in the document that it needs to deploy its first full constellation of more than 4400 satellites to achieve these speeds. Tice also clarified that Starlink also has a lot of work to do. Global Tech