According to CNET, two and a half years have passed since SpaceX successfully demonstrated its Falcon heavy launch system. Instead of using a block of concrete or other types of ballast as a test payload, Elon Musk provided his cherry red Tesla, which was “driven” by a Starman dummy in a spacesuit. < p > < p > Starman is set on the path to Mars, and musk hopes to help Mars become a new destination for mankind in the next few decades. Early calculations of Tesla’s path in the universe showed that it had assumed an orbit around the sun, winding it back and forth between the orbits of earth and Mars. < p > < p > this is the first time Starman has passed Mars at close range, but it is not particularly close, less than 5 million miles (8 million kilometers). According to Ben Pearson, who developed the unofficial & quot; where is roadste & quot; online tracker, Tesla will fly over the red planet at a distance of 1.4 million miles (2.3 million kilometers) on April 22, 2035. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States