According to foreign media reports on August 7, SpaceX successfully launched the 10th batch of Starlink Internet satellites on Friday, local time. Foreign media reported that at 1:12 a.m. Eastern time on August 7, a two-stage “Falcon 9” rocket was launched from Launch Pad 39A of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The rocket carried 57 SpaceX satellite chains and 2 blacksky global earth observation satellites.

this is SpaceX’s 10th satellite launch mission since 2019. This launch brings the total number of satellites into orbit to 595. If the two prototype satellites launched in 2018 are included, the total number of satellites in orbit will be 597.

in fact, the process of SpaceX launching the 10th batch of Satellite Link Internet satellites was not very smooth. The company originally planned to launch the satellite chains on June 26 this year, but canceled the launch a few hours before the launch because some technical problems needed to be solved. As a result, the company postponed the launch to July, but in July it cancelled the launch because of the weather.

as early as January 2015, SpaceX CEO musk announced the satellite internet service plan, which was named “star chain”. SpaceX plans to launch about 12000 communication satellites into orbit to provide broadband Internet services to users on earth. In addition to the nearly 12000 approved satellites, the company has applied for the launch of 30000 satellites.

in March this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved SpaceX to deploy 1 million user terminals (i.e., satellite antennas) in the United States, which will allow 1 million households to receive the service. But now, the company hopes to quadruple that number to five million.