Today (September 25, 2020), JR East Japan released a message saying that the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Brothers and the cooperation plan of “fun, Tokyo”, the charm communication project in Tokyo with Yamato line as the center [JR East Japan Super Mario play! TOKYO! 】It will begin on Thursday, October 8, 2020. < / P > < p > this project will be held at 35 stations in Tokyo metropolitan area to review the 35 year history of Super Mario. It is worth noting that this event is not a form of stamping on paper, but a digital stamp gathering activity participated by smart phones. What kind of role seal can I get at which station? This may be the fun for the participants before they go to the station. < / P > < p > in addition, in order to take care of more people, online linkage projects that can be participated in all over the country have been implemented, so that people can easily experience the mood of collecting seals even at home. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure