The network speed testing platform Ookla Speedtest said today that the company’s 5G rate evaluation results for iPhone 12 series phones in 15 major cities around the world show that Seoul, South Korea’s 5G average transmission rate ranks first in the world, with average download and upload speeds of 472.28 Mbps and 49.09, respectively. Mbps.

In terms of download speed, Seoul leads the way with 472.28Mbps, followed by Dubai (338.53Mbps), Riyadh (319.25Mbps), Sydney (319.25Mbps), Helsinki (238.50Mbps), Tokyo (193.21Mbps), Berlin (163.57Mbps) ), London (161.58Mbps), Zurich (151.91Mbps), Rome (150.20Mbps), Hong Kong (140.75Mbps), Amsterdam (140.19Mbps), Madrid (133.45Mbps), New York (97.33Mbps), Singapore (93.62Mbps).

In terms of upload speed, Seoul (49.09Mbps) also ranked first in the world, and Amsterdam (33.39Mbps) and Zurich (33.18Mbps) ranked second and third respectively.