Dishwasher can be said to be one of the most popular electrical appliances in recent years. Many people regret that they didn’t buy it early after using it. However, many people also said that the dishwasher bought at a high price is not as convenient as expected, and there are still many pain points. Is the expectation of dishwasher too high, or is this the common fault of dishwasher? < / P > < p > the first big pain point of dishwasher is that its capacity is not as large as expected, i.e. four sets. As a result, two people can’t put much things in it, and the bigger tableware can’t be put in, let alone wash the pot. < p > < p > in fact, the number of dishwasher sets refers to a typical European and American cutlery set: one soup plate, one main plate, one dessert plate, one tea cup dish, one tea cup, one water cup, one knife and fork, one spoon, one dessert spoon and one teaspoon. You can see that a set of tableware doesn’t contain kitchen utensils like a bigger soup pot. < / P > < p > if you want to wash the larger dishes, you can’t buy them according to the official recommended capacity. The suggestion is to regard these larger tableware as a set or half set, and add 1-2 sets of large tableware on the basis of the original. If you want a frying pan or something, go for the bigger one. Generally speaking, the capacity of 10 sets of dishwasher can put all kinds of pots, of course, some 8 sets of dishwasher can also put down, which depends on the internal design of dishwasher. < / P > < p > the dishwasher is often wet after drying, and it is all water stains, which is also the dishwasher pain point reflected by many people. The pain point is that we directly regard the dishwasher as a sterilized cupboard and have no idea of the drying method of the dishwasher. < / P > < p > now the drying function of dishwasher on the market is mainly divided into residual temperature drying and heat exchange drying. Most dishwashers use the residual temperature generated during washing to condense and dry the tableware. The temperature difference will lead to moisture adsorption and condensation on the dishes. Therefore, the dishwasher with residual temperature drying has a slow drying efficiency and poor drying effect, and the tableware is often wet after drying. Heat exchange drying is more advanced: the dishwasher has built-in heating elements and air ducts. After washing, the dishwasher can use high-temperature airflow to dry the surface of tableware and drain the moisture out of the dishwasher to achieve the effect of drying tableware. < / P > < p > therefore, when purchasing dishwasher, you should pay attention to the drying method of the dishwasher: if you can accept to dry the dishes manually after each washing, you can choose the dishwasher with residual temperature drying; if you want the dishes to be as bright as new from the dishwasher, you need to choose the dishwasher with heat exchange drying function. Correspondingly, the price of the latter is higher than that of the former. < / P > < p > in addition to the above pain points, the dishwasher is not cheap to use. In fact, dishwasher is to replace our hands. In order to wash the dishes clean, in addition to the dishwasher, we also need dishwasher consumables – dishwashing salt (soft water salt), dishwashing powder (dishwashing block), rinsing agent and brightening agent. The price of dishwasher consumables above < / P > < p > is not low or even a little expensive. If all the dishwasher consumables are prepared and used at the same time, the cost will be higher. But in fact, when using the dishwasher to wash dishes, the above-mentioned consumables can be selected on demand to save dishwashing costs. < / P > < p > dishwashing salt (soft water salt) is used to prevent scale, reduce the wear of internal parts of dishwasher, and prolong the service life. When using dishwasher in the place with hard water quality, it is necessary to cooperate with dishwasher salt, otherwise the inner wall of dishwasher is easy to grow scale, and the pipeline may be blocked due to scale. But if your tap water quality is soft or your dishwasher doesn’t have soft water function, you can save on salt. < / P > < p > the role of brightening agent or rinsing agent is to accelerate drying and brightening tableware. Without these two detergents, the normal cleaning of tableware will not be affected. Therefore, if there is no need for such detergent, it can be omitted. < / P > < p > dishwashing powder or dishwashing block plays a cleaning role and should not be omitted. But the price of dishwashing powder is lower. The powder detergent is more flexible than the block detergent. It can control the amount of each time and is more economical. Therefore, dishwashing powder can be used as a cleaner to save costs. < / P > < p > the consumables of dishwasher seem to be more expensive, but in the use of dishwasher, unnecessary consumables can be omitted according to the actual situation, so as to save certain expenses and reduce the cost of dishwashing. Although the cost of washing dishes with dishwasher is always higher than hand washing, isn’t the original intention of buying dishwasher to exchange money for time? < / P > < p > insufficient capacity, dry tableware with water stains, high cost of washing dishes In fact, these pain points of dishwasher can be avoided. If we can do our homework before purchasing dishwasher, understand the concept of the number of sets and drying method, have a proper expectation of the functions that the dishwasher can achieve, and then select the appropriate model products according to the number of families, functional needs and budget, then the dishwasher purchased will surely be “for our use”, convenient for our daily life, and improve the happiness index of life. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days