In recent years, we can see that BMW’s double kidney grille design is very radical. Following the super large nostrils of the new 4 series, M4, m3 and other models, the next generation 7 series has once again aroused heated discussion among netizens. A few days ago, some foreign media exposed a group of renderings of the new BMW 7 series. It is worth mentioning that the rendering is based on the spy photos previously exposed, but after seeing the pictures, some people still can’t believe it. As can be seen from the rendering, < / P > < p > the area of the double kidney air intake grille of the next generation 7 series is further expanded. At the same time, the upper part is suspected to adopt a closed design, which makes it look domineering as a whole. < / P > < p > however, the design of the upper and lower split headlamp group is very abrupt. It seems that there is some meaning of the new Denise G70. Blocking the upper part of the separation line between the upper and lower parts in the picture with your hand, the fine product also has the taste of brand-new gooster, which makes the netizens confused and cry “ugly cry”. < / P > < p > according to the previously exposed road test spy photos, the position of the new car’s headlights is indeed lower, but due to the strict camouflage of the test car, it is not sure that the new car will use split type headlights. < / P > < p > according to BMW’s plan, the current BMW 7 series will be officially discontinued in mid-2022, and the new generation of BMW 7 series will be officially launched in early 2023. In the future, the new car will compete with the new generation of Mercedes Benz S-class. Global Tech