As we enter summer, the weather gets hotter. However, the electric vehicle is affected by high temperature, which will also bring some problems, such as overheating of battery and electric drive system, and easy to cause vehicle spontaneous combustion. On August 12, a video uploaded by netizens showed that at an intersection of Pingshan Avenue in Shenzhen, a white electric vehicle suddenly caught fire while waiting for the traffic lights, and the scene was filled with smoke and flames.

and there are sirens and pedestrians in the picture. From the picture, the electric vehicle fire is bigger, the scene has not small danger.

afterwards, some media reports said that according to the staff of the local police station, the train was a white GAC motor pure electric car, which suddenly caught fire and spontaneous combustion. The cause of the fire has not been investigated clearly.

in addition, in May this year, a video uploaded by netizens on Weibo showed that a white Ruqi new energy aion s was on fire in the parking lot on the east side of the South Gate of Guangzhou yangtao park.

after the investigation, GAC new energy official said that the preliminary results of the investigation showed that it was because the alcohol content of the operating vehicle was too high due to the use of alcohol for disinfection inside the vehicle, which caused the vehicle to catch fire.

However, there is no specific reason for the fire of this electric vehicle in Shenzhen. We will also keep an eye on it in the future.

therefore, in addition to not changing the inside line, owners should try to avoid inflammable and explosive materials such as lighters, perfume, compressed gas cleaning agents and so on.