Spotify has now landed in Epic Games mall, which shows epic’s ambition to turn the game store in the strict sense so far into a more general application distribution platform. Just like app store and Google play, spotify apps can be downloaded directly from epic game store to PC and MAC devices. < / P > < p > the launch of spotify in epic’s game store comes at a time when epic is engaged in a long-term legal battle with apple and Google over the business models of their respective app stores. Epic has sued the two companies over the removal of the mobile version of fortnite, saying it violated antitrust laws and that developers can and should be able to handle payments themselves, avoiding giving 30% of all app revenue to store owners. < / P > < p > Epic Games, launched in December 2018, is still a relatively new digital distribution platform, launched as valve’s steam competitor. But from the beginning, epic has offered developers more generous rewards, taking only 12% of developers’ income as a share, rather than 30% of valve and apple and Google. < / P > < p > as of January, the number of users of epic game store has exceeded 100 million, and the growth of this number is probably partly due to epic’s rich sales and gifts. (a may gift of GTA V was so popular that the store was shut down for many hours.). < / P > < p > with epic’s growing user base, developer friendly charging structure, and now hosting one of the most popular apps in the world, epic seems to be proving that non game developers should see its distribution platform as a viable option for other app stores. Global Tech