It’s the first time in nearly a decade that the price of a game has risen from $10 to $70, up from $60 in the Xbox 360 and PS3 era. NPD analyst mat Piscatella said that even if players are not happy, they will still choose to pay $70 for next generation games. < / P > < p > pisatella was reported to have talked about this topic in a podcast of the virtual economy last week. “The price of the game has been on this standard ever since call of Duty 2 hit $60 for the first time in 2005 on the Xbox 360 platform.” “Right now, a lot of people would say that the price of games is going up to offset the growing cost of game development, inflation or other factors,” he explained. But for some games, even if the price goes up by $10, players still choose to buy it. ” < / P > < p > many industry insiders have said that the development cycle and cost of games in the next era of new host platforms have increased. As early as July, Jim Ryan, President of Sony interactive entertainment, said that games with more stringent technical requirements would “require more manpower and capital investment”. However, the new game pricing was not disclosed until 2K sports announced that the next generation game NBA 2k21 priced at $70. < / P > < p > pisatella doesn’t take it for granted that players will welcome price increases. “They may be dissatisfied.” “But they will still pay,” he predicts < / P > < p > he also speculated that if the players’ desire for the new price is low, even affecting the sales of the game, the price of the game is bound to fall back. “As an industry, we can set the price we want for our products, and consumers need to decide whether the price is right for them,” Phil Spencer, who is responsible for Xbox, said in an interview in July Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen