Last year, when AMD’s sharp dragon 3000 processor and x570 platform were released, it launched the first PCI 4.0. This is the first time that AMD led the industry to launch the PCI ecosystem. At that time, qunlian also launched the PCI 4.0 master simultaneously, making the SSD performance exceed 5GB / s. Not long ago, qunlian announced the launch of the second generation of pcie4.0 master, master ps5018-e18, with both read-write and performance exceeding 7GB / s, up to 7.4gb/s. At present, qunlian is the only SSD master with both read-write performance reaching 7GB / s. < / P > < p > the first is the main control process, which is still 28nm process at present. The main control of 12NM process has been mass produced, that is, ps5018-e18, which is being verified by customers this quarter. < / P > < p > by 2021, the group will also launch the SSD master of the standard of pcie5.0, and its performance will be twice that of pcie4.0. Global Tech