The annual “double 11” has come to an end, and this year’s data set a new high. Data from the State Post Office showed that from November 1 to November 11, 3.965 billion Express items were processed by postal and express enterprises across the country, of which 675 million were processed on November 11, a year-on-year increase of 26.16%, a record high. However, behind the carnival, negative consumption information is everywhere. Dense slot points and high popularity have become the biggest characteristics of public opinion in the online and offline consumption fields of this year’s “double 11”. According to the public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection of “double 11” issued by China Consumer Association recently, the system collected 14296274 pieces of consumer rights protection information related to “double 11” during the 27 day monitoring period from October 20 to November 15, with an average daily amount of about 530000 pieces. Among them, 334083 pieces of negative information about “live with goods” were collected, and 915029 pieces of negative information about promotion rules were collected. < / P > < p > “during this year’s” double 11 “promotion period, negative consumption information was concentrated in two major areas: live delivery with goods and unreasonable rules.” Zhu Cambridge, vice president and Secretary General of China Consumer Association, called on all kinds of subjects to grasp the good opportunity of business exhibition industry under the background of dual circulation and expanding domestic demand. They should not only innovate the operation means, but also stick to the bottom line and the sense of integrity; they should have the wisdom of network marketing to demand combat strength from new technologies, but also have a sense of responsibility to know the rules and boundaries, abide by the law and have responsibilities; they should take real measures and be strict At the same time, we should abandon the preferential promotion routine which seriously deviates from the open and sharing spirit of the Internet. < / P > < p > live with goods, one side is crazy enclosure, the other side is chaos. There were about 3 373 pieces of negative information collected in the “daily goods” monitoring report, of which there were about 3383 pieces of negative information collected in the “daily goods” report. < / P > < p > the high concentration of public opinions on live broadcasting is related to the special dependence of “double 11” on live broadcast, which is the “new standard configuration” of e-commerce, the “new infrastructure” of merchants and the “new entrance” of traffic. According to the public opinion feedback from the monitoring, the “slot points” of live delivery mainly focus on two aspects: the star with goods suspected of fraud, low after-sales service satisfaction and poor experience. According to media reports, on the evening of November 11, talk show actors Li Xueqin and Yang Tiantian participated in a live broadcast on a certain platform, with nearly 3.11 million people watching. However, a staff member who participated in the whole live broadcast disclosed to the media afterwards that among the 3.11 million viewers, less than 110000 were real users, and other audiences paid for it. Moreover, most of the comments on the interaction between “fans” in the comment area and Li Xueqin were painted by machines. < p > < p > ZHU Cambridge said frankly that in the field of live delivery, fake “influence” indicators such as the number of viewers bragging and sales data “flooding” have formed an industrial chain. Customer service make complaints about customer service.

report reveals that although the live broadcasting products are hot, a considerable proportion of the merchants who only focus on the traffic flow and expand sales volume do not have corresponding after-sale service system. Meanwhile, the definition of responsibility between businessmen and anchors is not clear, and they are “kicking balls” when they encounter the after-sale problems, which leads consumers to watch the Tucao. < p > < p > the Chinese Consumer Association believes that the blind expectation and irrational investment of some businesses for live marketing are constantly being corrected by calm and sober “data authenticity”, which will force all kinds of “live show” to gradually strengthen self-examination and behavior correction, so as to avoid a gloomy ending. Not long ago, the state Internet Information Office released the “Internet live marketing information content service management regulations (Draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “draft”) to make specific specifications for the live marketing platform, live broadcast room operators and live marketing personnel. Users who intend to engage in direct broadcast and marketing should not be engaged in false information dissemination, such as the amount of live broadcast and marketing service Counterfeiting, etc. This means that live with goods will soon usher in strong supervision. < / P > < p > “in the face of the consumer behavior choice of voting with feet, the speed of iterative update may be accelerated for new technologies and new formats represented by live broadcast with goods.” Zhu Cambridge suggested that all kinds of subjects should clearly grasp the good opportunity of business exhibition under the background of dual circulation and expanding domestic demand. They should not only take real measures to strictly control the quality of goods, but also abandon the preferential promotion routines that have seriously deviated from the spirit of openness and sharing of the Internet. We should not only protect the rights and interests of consumers, such as the right to security, the right to know, the right to choose and the right to fair trade, but also the humanized design to optimize and enhance the consumption experience and quality perception. < / P > < p > unlike in the past, this year’s Shopping Festival can be prepaid on the platform from October 21 to November 11, which can be called the largest “double 11” Shopping Festival in history. “Tail money man” has become a hot word this year. < / P > < p > of course, the promotion rules are complex, with many promotion routines, various business rules and deep scheming, which are criticized by consumers. Typical cases include: e-commerce selectively pushes coupons to be sold accurately; there is no refund on the day of “double 11”; even some businesses offer discounts for two items of the same product, but consumers find that they are limited to one.

report shows that during the monitoring period, 915029 articles make complaints about sales promotion rules. The relevant public opinion of Tucao is concentrated on the “hard rules” that the non payment can not be used to reduce the coupons, do not pay the tail, can not refund, pay the tail must be up to the early hours, and “double 11” can not refund the day. < / P > < p > in addition, the platform uses algorithmic technology to “portrait” different types of consumer data, and customize more “know you” goods and services. Old users see more expensive prices than new users, or search results are less than new users. < p > < p > < p > ZHU Cambridge said that, such as calculation of full reduction, allowance, red envelope, merger purchase and other comparable mathematical test questions, increased the time cost of consumers, reduced the convenience experience, and led to a decline in the popularity of “tailors”. < / P > < p > after more than 10 years of development, although the “double 11” has been constantly upgraded in terms of the richness of consumer goods and logistics experience, businesses have been constantly renovated and complicated in terms of preferential conditions and rules. Zhu Cambridge pointed out that the contradiction between the fixed “double 11” promotion mode and the improvement and upgrading of consumer service experience and the urgent need for change are also escalating. From the perspective of consumer perception, Zhu Cambridge frankly said that, from the perspective of consumer perception, the tactics of excluding or restricting the consumption rights and reducing or avoiding the operator’s responsibility can not effectively appease the depressed and dissatisfied heart of the “balance payer” after being stereotyped and “hidden rules”. < / P > < p > at the same time, the precise lock-in and delivery of “algorithm” constantly challenge business transparency and transaction integrity. The “immersive” experience with social networking and games as the flow entrance, due to the lack of “degree” balance, leads to the constant consumption of time and patience of “tailors” due to the lack of “degree” balance. < p > < p > ZHU Cambridge asserts that the creative activities and various local services of traditional supermarket in remodeling brand concept, commodity structure and retail experience are accelerating the online and offline backflow of “buyers”, and the new trends of online and offline preferential strength convergence and fuzzy boundary also indicate that the new consumption mode of more grounded and more popular has begun to “attack the city and take advantage of the land” and become more intelligent A more rational “new consumption era” may open. < p > < p > < p > according to the report, the “longest online shopping festival in history” highlights the strong momentum of China’s consumption in starting the international production engine and driving the resonance of the global economy; the “world’s largest” consumption season has witnessed the new vitality of China’s market in continuously empowering the domestic and international dual circulation under the new development pattern. < / P > < p > synchronized with the changes in the operation cycle and activity rhythm of online shopping promotion, the “double 11 second battlefield” covering catering, entertainment, garage sales, medical, beauty, and local retail services was also launched. The new and old formats have gone to the “online appointment” together, and a hundred flowers are blooming online and offline. < p > < p > ZHU Cambridge said that “hot topics” and online shopping transactions are on the same screen and the same frequency, “buy buy buy” and “talk about” interact instantly, which has become the biggest feature of public opinion in the online and offline consumption fields of this year’s “double 11”. < p > < p > the Chinese Consumer Association disclosed that, starting from the “double 11” warm-up season in October this year, market regulatory departments and consumer rights organizations at all levels throughout the country have made intensive voices, reminding all relevant business entities to continuously strengthen self-discipline and self-management through special law enforcement and administrative interviews, so as to jointly promote the healthy and standardized development of online economy. It is worth noting that on November 10, the “anti monopoly guide on the platform economy (Draft)” issued by the General Administration of market supervision marks that all kinds of behaviors that damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the field of network platform economy will be regulated. This indicates that the government’s decision-making on people’s livelihood and the active social situation and public opinion in the network are fully interactive, and all kinds of wayward playing methods in the field of online sales will be effectively constrained. < / P > < p > “all kinds of subjects should soberly grasp the good opportunity of opening a new era of consumption, consumption formats and ecological reconstruction, abandon the inertia thinking, stop loss in time, and take precautions to seek new breakthroughs.” Zhu said that it is necessary to correctly use scientific and technological capabilities such as algorithms and big data analysis to accurately study and judge the deep-seated motivation of “offline consumption return”, and objectively and calmly examine and draw lessons from the inevitability of the “online and offline new interaction” business model that has been opened. < / P > < p > all kinds of subjects should have the courage to cut off the old routine that has made consumers impatient and will eventually lose their hearts. At the same time, there should be a “new design” with balanced technology development boundary, coexistence of refinement and humanization, good delivery rate and satisfaction, and face the new changes of quality and upgrading of consumer demands with confidence, preparation and temperature. The Consumer Association of the people’s Republic of China calls on and reminds consumers that they should gradually mature in the process of constantly enriching their shopping experience and consumption experience, so as to meet the new consumption era with more rational, prudent and leisurely consumption behavior, and to keep sober enough to the “anchor effect” (psychological term, which means that people’s thinking is often influenced by the first information they get when making decisions) We should pay attention to the passive acceptance of “pre emptive”, select the appropriate “anchor” according to their own needs, and inspect and receive information in an all-round way; we should choose the tangible benefits of “visible, touchable and reliable”, and at the same time, we should maintain a good consumption mentality, and “enter” according to demand and “go out” when we measure in. 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