In 2020, start-ups have gone through an extraordinary year. Under the new technology empowerment, many enterprises launched the wings against the wind, gathered the strength to meet the “epidemic”, and realized the growth against the trend. During the Spring Festival, the reporter of economic information daily interviewed representatives of several start-ups to listen to them tell the story of the year.

New technology enters Golden Age

“I come from a technical background and make products. I deeply feel that China has been in the forefront of the world in terms of new technology commercial landing. Customers’ perception of China’s new technology products has changed a lot, and the demand has increased significantly. More people with lofty ideals have joined in the new technology industry. ” Talking about the feeling of 2020, Jiang Huabing, chairman of logistics robot company of Noah hospital, said.

In the past year, 5g applications have opened up more imagination and accelerated the pace of commercial landing. “There are many barriers for the commercial landing of a new technology product. It needs to cross the barriers of customer demand understanding, technological breakthrough, product quality stability, demand expansion, supply chain stability, etc. in order to enter the healthy development stage. In 2020, this process will be significantly accelerated, and China’s new technology commercial landing will usher in a golden age. ” Jiang said.

For enterprises, it has also been an extraordinary year. The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is coming. The Noah hospital logistics robot focusing on 5G hospital logistics has entered more and more hospitals. Through the perfect intelligent real-time scheduling system of hospitals, plus the safe and efficient driverless technology based on 5G technology, the hospital material automatic distribution is realized.

According to reports, as of January 2021, Noah has settled in more than 100 hospitals, and the production plant of logistics robots in Noah hospital has also passed CR certification (China robot certification).

In Jiang Huabing’s view, 5g is the “bull nose” of the intelligent era, which will change the operation mode, management mode and business ability of the whole society. In essence, the change brought by the deep application of 5g is to make all walks of life digitalized, more efficient, lower energy consumption, and flexible and intelligent operation.

How can 5g enable applications? Jiang Huabing told reporters that 5g has a strong role in enhancing Noah’s “intelligent scheduling”, “intelligent Internet of things” and other capabilities. For example, “dynamic object recognition”, that is, Noah uses 5g bandwidth to transmit high-definition images around the robot to the server in real time, and uses deep learning algorithm to identify and track obstacles, which can make the robot move more freely, more safely and more efficiently in the complex environment of the hospital.

Looking forward to the future, with the further development of 5g applications, more business opportunities will emerge. “The challenge of 5g lies in how to land. Innovative technology is a clear future, but it may take a long time to realize practical and large-scale application in specific industries. The key is to find a very good landing joint between innovation and practicality. ” Jiang said.

Automobile industry meets the opportunity of overtaking

When interviewed by reporters, Shen Ziyu, CEO of ECAT technology, was busy working with his team to formulate the company’s new five-year plan.

Shen Ziyu told the economic information daily that in the next step, ECAT will speed up its progress towards an international enterprise, increase investment in research and development of core technologies, and strive for greater breakthroughs in automotive chips and other fields.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought an impact on the whole industry chain of automobile industry, Shen Ziyu said in the past year. In order to cope with the impact of the epidemic, on the one hand, based on the long-term cooperation and trust relationship with suppliers, enterprises actively guarantee customer supply; on the other hand, the government has demonstrated strong organizational and mobilization capabilities in coping with the impact of the epidemic, helping enterprises minimize the impact of the epidemic.

Shen Ziyu said that the company has also experienced difficulties. “For example, in May last year, domestic efforts were made to resume production, and the market demand for the company’s products went up by a blowout. However, due to the influence of the supply chain, the company’s production is relatively difficult. In this case, we strive to mobilize all kinds of resources to ensure supply, and also look for alternative resources at home. At the same time, we have increased investment in independent research and development. “

“The novel coronavirus pneumonia has made the enterprises more aware of the importance of core technology and independent research and development.” Shen Ziyu told the economic information daily that the company set up its own chip team two years ago. Last year, the company accelerated the pace of independent research and development.

In Shen Ziyu’s view, the current new energy, intelligent driving and other new outlets have brought new huge market space to the automobile market. Enterprises should be prepared to seize the opportunity and increase the R & D investment in intelligent vehicles and new energy vehicles.

“We just set up our European headquarters not long ago, and now we have more than 100 engineers working. This year, we want to better set up this headquarters, establish docking with major European automobile manufacturers, and accelerate the entry of products into the European market. ” Shen Ziyu said.

“Smart construction site” opens up huge market space

In 2020, the business volume of Huazhu technology, which focuses on smart site solutions, will grow against the trend.

For many people, “smart construction site” is still a strange concept. Wang Ping, co-founder of Huazhu technology, told the economic information daily: “smart construction site is to use management system and advanced technology to solve the problems that people can’t solve in construction projects. For example, how many times a day the tower crane operates on the construction site, whether it is overloaded, how many labor workers are working on the site, how many people are on each working face, and so on. With sensors and software systems, operating parameters can be quickly obtained on this platform, thus effectively reducing various risks. “

Wang Ping said that “smart construction site” is of great significance for “two new and one heavy” projects, which can better reduce construction costs, improve work efficiency and ensure construction safety.

At present, nearly 300000 engineering projects are started every year in China. Under the guidance of the government’s safety and information, each project needs to be equipped with relevant measures. With the continuous improvement of the demands of construction engineering for informatization, “smart site” will usher in a broader development space, and Huazhu technology also ushers in a new development opportunity.

Looking forward to 2021, Wang Ping said that Huazhu technology will soon join hands with domestic Internet giants to release the collaborative management platform “Huazhu construction cloud” for engineering construction units. On this platform, customers will be able to use video conferencing, Im instant messaging, cloud disk and other common office applications on the project site for free. The platform also has built-in application mall, so customers can make flexible choices according to their own demands and create “nails” in the engineering industry. (reporter Sun Shaohua, Wang Zixu)