There are at least 100 people exposed to each staff member every day. Up to now, only 58 colleagues in the whole industry have been infected with NCV, none of them were infected during work. < p > < p > on the 21st, the new office of the State Council of the people’s Republic of China held a press conference on the assistance of the postal express industry in poverty alleviation. Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, introduced the situation of the postal express industry in helping the poverty alleviation, and answered questions from reporters. At the meeting, a reporter asked: affected by the epidemic situation this year, what arrangements have been made for the epidemic prevention work of postal express delivery industry? What’s the change of China’s postal express business volume? How does the postal express industry get out of the influence of epidemic situation? According to Ma Junsheng, the State Post has made every effort to ensure the delivery of epidemic prevention materials and residents’ basic daily necessities. During the epidemic period, two green channels were opened. One was domestic, and the National Post urgently transported protective equipment, masks, protective clothing and ECMO. The second is international access. Ma Junsheng said, “at that time, the domestic epidemic situation was very serious, and many overseas Chinese were very patriotic. How can the protective equipment purchased abroad be transported back? We’ll bring it back. ” Ma Junsheng also said that the effect of the two green channels was very obvious. From January 23 to June 10, a total of 489800 tons of epidemic prevention materials, 398 million pieces of anti epidemic packages, and 87500 vehicles were used. In terms of the air fleet, postal express planes accounted for two-thirds of the total number of cargo planes in China, 779 flights to Wuhan, and delivered a lot of emergency supplies for Wuhan front-line doctors. < p > < p > MA Junsheng pointed out that the postal express industry returned to work earlier. On February 7, the whole industry was mobilized to resume work and production. In mid February, 60% of the industry resumed work and production, 80% in late February, and it was basically normal in March. The epidemic situation in Wuhan is relatively serious. Mobilization began on March 17 to return to work. By the end of March, it recovered to 60% and by the end of March to 80%. “Since returning to work, the effect has been relatively good,” said Ma Junsheng. Ma Junsheng also pointed out that the State Post has strengthened cooperation and exchange in the fight against the epidemic situation in the international postal industry. Ma Junsheng said that some of the work and experience of the postal express industry should be shared with other countries in the world. Each staff member of the national post 4 million Express has contact with at least 100 people every day. So far, only 58 colleagues in the whole industry have been infected by the new coronavirus, none of them were infected during work. When it comes to why no one is infected during work, Ma Junsheng replied that the protection work of the postal express industry is still worth affirming, including the measures of masks, keeping a certain distance to deliver, not gathering and venues, and regular killing of express delivery. Ma Junsheng said, “our experience has been transmitted to all countries in the world and provided us with useful reference.” < p > < p > for the recovery of express delivery industry, Ma Junsheng made it clear that with the promotion of resumption of work and production, the production and operation of the postal express industry this year recovered to normal, exceeding the original expectation. The total number of express delivery services in the postal industry has increased by nearly RMB 680 billion, with an increase of nearly RMB 1.8 billion. On September 10, the number of express delivery has exceeded 50 billion, 60 billion in October and 70 billion in November. < / P > < p > why is there such a development trend? Ma Junsheng pointed out four reasons: first, there was no retreat in response to the epidemic situation, and the state took the lead in resuming work and production, taking the lead. At the same time, the service has also won a lot of traffic and fans, including new fans. In the past, many young people used it, but recently many old people began to use it. Second, because of the offline recovery of the epidemic, the business went online, which was also a good news for the postal express industry. Third, the rural market started relatively fast this year, and gradually formed a climate. Fourth, the international epidemic situation was relatively serious. In the past, express packages were sent in, but now a large number of parcels were sent get out. Ma Junsheng said that affected by these factors, this year’s postal express business development is encouraging. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen