According to foreign media reports, game platforms have begun to realize that harm does not only come from seeing or acquiring age-related games, but also from seeing inappropriate or harmful information. For a long time, gamers, especially those with fierce competition, have been using rich and colorful language to communicate with others. To put it mildly, they sometimes don’t even consider whether the receiver will feel uncomfortable. < / P > < p > valve has now launched a chat filtering system for steam, which allows players to completely control the language of the chat process without having to control the chat themselves. < / P > < p > chat or swearing filters usually take the form of blocking inappropriate information – especially from strangers. Here, valve is already doing something quite different, replacing vague words or phrases rather than complete information. The recipient will see symbols that replace some of the text they don’t want to see. These word filters can come from three sources. One is the default list of the most common swearing words provided by valve, but players can add or delete these words according to their own needs. In addition, they can add lists from other sources that valve uses as a way for communities and groups to define their own language guides. Steam chat filtering allows players to control where the filter is applied. The system can be implemented in steam chat on all platforms and chat in supported games. By default, it allows messages of registered friends to be filtered. Of course, players can choose to change this. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone