Steam officially released an official announcement today (November 21) confirming that the steam input API supports ps5 controller, and that full internal key support for LED, touch panel, vibration and gyroscope functions can be realized through steam input API. The announcement is as follows: due to our latest Steam client update, all games using the steam input API are now fully compatible with the latest ps5 controller – no developer updates are required to run perfectly. < / P > < p > it fully supports players to configure led, touch panel, vibration and gyroscope functions in “strangled death”, “no man’s land”, “Horizon zero dawn” and more games. This support is now open to players who choose to join the steam desktop client public test. After further testing, it will be open to the entire platform. < / P > < p > in short, the steam input API greatly improves the player experience without much input from developers. These experience improvements include: < / P > < p > upgrading is easy to use. No developer effort is required, and new features and / or devices are “just good to use” when they are added to the API. < / P > < p > API supports more than 200 devices including PS4 controller, switch Pro controller, combat rocker, racing steering wheel, dance carpet and any other controller you can imagine, and now ps5 controller is added. < / P > < p > in the past two years, the average daily number of users using the controller to play Steam games has more than doubled, and millions of users are playing games supporting the controller every day, and the number of these games is also increasing. In the game supporting the controller, the percentage of users using the controller to play the game can easily reach more than 60%. Some games such as skateboarding, more than 90% of the players are using the controller to play. Players using Playstation controllers have seen a greater increase in controller usage. In the past two years, the use rate of Playstation controllers on steam has increased from 10.9% to 21.6% of all controller sessions. < / P > < p > if you are not using the steam input API and have a game with some controller support on steam, you can check to make sure that steam handle emulation is enabled by default for the Playstation controller. < / P > < p > steam handle simulation is a steam service that allows players to instantly configure a ps5 (and other controls) for use in the game, and to map the controller’s basic buttons to actions in the game. In this mode, the degree of customization and experience quality provided to players is limited, but it can be enabled without changing any code, so it can be used in old games that are no longer supported by the development team. < / P > < p > we still recommend using the steam input API for full integration as it provides players with the best default experience of any controller. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia