Steam provides a new feature for PC game developers. Developers who want to work with the players to optimize the game can use steam’s latest “steam playtest” feature. As the name suggests, developers can invite steam users to participate in their own game trials. In turn, this feature also allows steam users to actively apply to participate in trials of games they are interested in. < / P > < p > developers can create their own trial sessions without distributing steam keys. After the preparation is completed, developers can activate the trial registration application on the game page, and the queue system for player registration can be in place. Developers can select test players from the queue or invite them manually. The tool also shows the number of players who have participated in the trial and the number of players who are still waiting in the queue. < / P > < p > for players, there is not much functionality. If a game is announced and the queue is activated, a button appears on the steam store page for players to participate, and the rest is to wait. Entering the queue does not guarantee that you can participate in the trial, but it is also an opportunity to participate in the experience of early versions of the game. < / P > < p > playtest provides developers with a unique feature that can’t be realized by preemptive experience version. Preemptive experience requires players to pay to participate, and once the game is online, it will continue to be online. Playtest is not only free, it can also be used for specific direction testing and can be turned off later. I believe that we will see more and more games using this function. Global Tech