The headquarters of Volkswagen Group in Wolfsburg is brewing a brand reorganization that will affect the whole situation. Volkswagen Group has long been not the “national car” before World War II. It has many brands and no shortage of top luxury cars. Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti and All-Star lineups help Volkswagen Group to make a fortune in the world. < / P > < p > the latest news is that Volkswagen Group will transfer Bentley brand to Audi in 2021. Lamborghini, originally owned by Audi, will be IPO independently, and Bugatti will be sold to rimac, a Croatian electric overtaker manufacturer. In 2018, Porsche, which belongs to VW group, bought 10% of the latter. In addition, Audi’s Italian national treasure class motorcycle brand Ducati will probably be sold again. However, if you are familiar with the brand lineup of Volkswagen Group, you will find that this is a relatively comprehensive and reasonable arrangement. < p > < p > the rapid expansion of Volkswagen Group and the annexation of luxury car brands were mainly in the 1990s when Ferdinand Piech came to power. As the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche, Ferdinand Piech not only inherited the name of his grandfather, but also achieved the same business achievements as his grandparents. Under his promotion, the Volkswagen group brought Lamborghini back to life and Bentley was born again. He spared no effort to make Bugatti an industrial miracle that shocked the world. VW has also invested heavily in building transparent factories to create its flagship model, Huiteng, to boost its brand status. However, due to various internal and external factors, Huiteng failed to get a happy ending. In 2015, Ferdinand Piech retired from the management of Volkswagen Group, and in 2016, Volkswagen officially announced the suspension of Phaeton. In this context, Bentley launched bentayga Tim Yue almost at the same time, becoming one of the first super luxury brands to set foot in SUV. However, Tianyue failed to copy the “Cayenne myth” of Porsche. In fact, SUV just squeezed out some GT and car orders. The situation of Bentley is not an isolated case. Volkswagen Group is facing an uncertain future. Due to its own history and development, Lamborghini must continue to adhere to the naturally aspirated engine, even if the hybrid will not introduce turbocharging. Its parent company Audi, together with Volkswagen and Porsche, has invested a lot of resources in the research and development of two pure electric platforms, MEB and PPE. The hybrid technology that matches the naturally aspirated engine, especially the hybrid technology that can be shared with Lamborghini, is difficult to become the focus of Audi’s research. < / P > < p > in the gasoline era, the significance of Lamborghini to Audi group (Audi, Lamborghini and Ducati) is firstly embodied in Audi R8 sports car using Lamborghini technology, and then Audi provides 4.0t V8 engine for Lamborghini SUV urus. In addition, Audi also exports advanced and stable electronic systems to Lamborghini. However, as far as the relationship between Audi and Lamborghini brands is concerned, these technology sharing and cooperation are far from enough. The most typical example is that although both attach great importance to and rely on four-wheel drive technology, Audi’s Quattro four-wheel drive technology based on front engine sedan / SUV can not be directly used in Lamborghini’s mid engine overtaking. Now, Audi, on the one hand, invests its resources on the pure electric vehicle platform, and on the other hand, it devotes itself to the electrification technology such as electronic turbine, which is gradually away from Lamborghini’s direction. When the Audi R8 based on Lamborghini technology is coming to an end, the basis of cooperation between the two sides will be even less. < / P > < p > two years after Bentley launched Tianyue SUV, Lamborghini brought its own SUV, urus, in 2017. Different from Bentley, due to the low overlap between the original Lamborghini product line and SUV, urus quickly copied the legend of Porsche Cayenne, and instantly doubled the sales volume of Lamborghini brand. As a result, Lamborghini officially said that it would control production to avoid excessive inflation. The success of urus undoubtedly confirms the brand value of Lamborghini to the outside world: as long as it is willing, it is not difficult for more high-end consumers to pay for it. This “outside” can be the Volkswagen Group in the past or an external investor in the future. Before Lamborghini, Ferrari was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2015 and Aston Martin was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2018. Although they all sound like top luxury cars, their fate is quite different: Ferrari’s share price has gone up all the way and quadrupled in five years, while Aston Martin can’t stop. Now looking back, Lamborghini has proved its brand appeal and gold absorption ability with urus, just like the “casting name” before independent flying. < / P > < p > another potential logic for Audi to “trade off” Rambo with Bentley is that Bentley’s ongoing transformation meets the demand. Volkswagen stopped production of Phaeton, which means that Bentley’s position in Volkswagen is no longer stable. After the death of Ferdinand Piech in 2019, the future of the brand he advocated for the introduction of the group was uncertain. Bentley tried to prove profitability with SUV, but his new direction was to “return to the outstanding coachbuilder”. < / P > < p > it’s an old word, older than cars. In the early days of the car, chassis and body were sold separately. Coachbuilder, who used to build luxurious carriage for distinguished guests, began to turn to car body manufacturing. Mulliner, Bentley’s partner in the early days of the brand, is a coachbuilder. It was incorporated into Bentley in 1959, and has since become Bentley’s personalized customization department. < / P > < p > now, Bentley has put Mulliner back on the stage. It is no longer just a customized workshop for top guests, but a new signboard for gorgeous modeling and extravagant craftsmanship. Earlier this year, Bentley Mulliner launched the Bacalar, a limited to order model. Aston Martin, who is also an old British GT sports car brand, takes great risks to transform itself into a mid engine with super performance, trying to compete with Ferrari and Porsche to prove himself; while Bentley chooses to return to its best business, coachbuilding, and continue to go to the extreme on the road of luxury and luxury. < / P > < p > to put in a word here, don’t think Volkswagen, Bentley and Audi are all “family” with left hand and right hand. In fact, even under the roof of Volkswagen Group, whether they belong to Volkswagen Group directly or belong to Audi first and then to Volkswagen as a whole, their interests are different. No organization is monolithic, let alone a large enterprise like Volkswagen Group. < / P > < p > at this time, Audi also needs to improve its declining brand image. For a long time, Audi, to a large extent, is relying on its dominant position in the Chinese market, which keeps pace with Mercedes Benz and BMW in the global level. However, in the past three years, China’s market competition pattern has changed, and Audi has completely fallen behind Mercedes Benz and BMW by 2020. Audi urgently needs to stabilize its position, improve its brand image and brand premium as soon as possible, and return to the front line, so as to jump out of the vicious circle brought by high discount and low transaction price. < / P > < p > in the Chinese market, one of the key points of Audi this year and next year is to comprehensively introduce and promote s and RS Series High-Performance vehicles. Previously, Audi paid far less attention to China’s performance car market than Mercedes Benz AMG and BMW M. Audi RS series has a serious lack of sense of existence, and high-performance cars are just the most direct means to enhance the image of BBA luxury brand. In this segment, Audi can only be said to arrive late. < / P > < p > globally, Audi has worked hard at the flagship level (A8 / Q7 / Q8) for many years, but it has always been difficult to compete with Mercedes Benz S-class and BMW 7-series. Since Volkswagen has already given up Huiteng, Bentley will play the role of Rolls Royce to BMW if it can be merged with Audi. Bentley is working hard to consolidate its concept of coachbuilder identity. Its most convenient role is to help brands like Audi upgrade their flagship ceiling. Based on the existing sports car platform of the Volkswagen Group < / sub >, it is based on the existing sports car platform of the Volkswagen Group. At present, the intersection of the two at the mechanical level is actually greater than Audi and Lamborghini brands. Bentley made the decision to embrace pure electric early. Compared with Lamborghini, which will never abandon internal combustion engine (even insist on natural suction) in the short and medium term, Bentley has become a more suitable choice for Audi group in the future. < / P > < p > due to its limited size, Bentley is unlikely to be able to independently develop a new pure electric platform, and it is a wise choice to share the PPE pure electric platform with Audi. Audi provides technical and resource support, Bentley helps to improve the brand ceiling – a classic model of win-win cooperation between luxury brands and super luxury brands. Global Tech