After the opening of trading on Friday local time, Nikolai’s shares fell by more than 15% after Thursday’s report by Hindenburg research, a short seller, accusing Nikolay of “lying to its own technology.” Nikolai’s share price fell by more than 15%, completely erasing the gains after reaching a deep cooperation with GM on Tuesday. < / P > < p > in the face of short attacks, Nicholas CEO Milton has sent 12 tweets in the past two days to strongly deny it. However, to the disappointment of the market, in the statement issued on Friday morning, the company only said that it had hired well-known law firms to study countermeasures in addition to denouncing short sellers as “short sellers” who “tried to manipulate the market”. However, the market’s more concerned questions such as “whether it has technology” have not been answered. The company said that more detailed documents and reports would be approved by the sec It will be announced to the public later. For this reason, Nikolay’s stock price continued to plummet after the opening of trading, with a cumulative decline of nearly 37% in the past three days. What’s more embarrassing for Milton is that after the opening of trading on Friday, he released a series of pictures that seemed to be developing trucks for the company, but still failed to convince the capital market. At least from the stock price reaction point of view, the market is still waiting for Nikolay to come up with more convincing evidence. In an interview with the media, Nathan Anderson, founder of Hindenburg research, responded that he was glad to see Nikolay automobile in contact with the SEC and was not surprised that Milton refused to comment further “on the advice of lawyers.”. At the same time, citron research, a well-known short seller, also said that it congratulated Hindenburg research for “exposing the facts of fraud” and was willing to bear half of its potential litigation costs. < / P > < p > it’s worth mentioning that musk, who also experienced severe doubts on Friday morning, began to build momentum for the battery day on September 22. The simple sentence “there will be a lot of exciting things to release on September 22” instantly drove Tesla’s share price up more than 1%. Global Tech