At this year’s Blizzard carnival, Deathwing announced that it would join “heroes of the storm” to become the new hero of the time and space hub. In the early hero introduction, we can see that Deathwing is a complete lone walker. It is not affected by the healing and gain effects of any teammates, nor by any enemy control effects. Today, the official has brought the skill effect demonstration of death wing. Let’s witness the power of “big cousin”.


Deathwing’s ability has continuous damage and multiple control effects, but it is not affected by friendly healing effects, and its armor plate will gradually fall off with the decrease of HP. Death wing has the ultimate skill “cataclysm” at the beginning of the game. It can fly across the battlefield to cause damage and leave a continuous death zone on the flight path. The effect is amazing in the early group battle.

At present, the wing of death has come to the test suit. According to the feedback of players, it is slightly different from the usual new hero, which needs 20000 gold coins to buy. If players have Blizzard Carnival 2019 virtual tickets, they can directly unlock the hero after the official suit is updated. Are you ready for the cataclysm?