MoBa games such as dota and lol hero league are popular all over the world, attracting countless money. Tencent has made great contributions to lol as the world’s largest game company. This kind of game was more or less related to Blizzard game, the tragedy is that Blizzard did not do well. Blizzard is not without such a game. Its “storm hero” can be said to be a trump card regardless of its hero characteristics or influence. However, the storm just can’t make a fire. It can’t lift its head in front of DOTA and lol, leaving only a stem that the storm will make a fire.


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Blizzard itself was unable to recover. At the end of 2018, Blizzard announced that it would abandon “storm hero”, and all kinds of events were suspended. It even dispatched the development team of “storm hero” to support other projects.

Although the official does not admit that “storm hero” is over, but also promised to continue to update the hero, but “storm hero” players are very clear about the end of the game.

Of course, the players of “storm hero” don’t give up. Recently, someone began to collect everyone’s signatures on the petition website, hoping to make Blizzard Support “storm hero” again. They won 1000 signatures in less than four days.

The player’s expectation is a group of heat, but the end of this matter is clear to many people, no matter how much signature support is useless, “storm hero” has cooled in Blizzard’s heart.

Not to mention the half dead storm hero, watch pioneer 2 has been published for a long time, but there is no letter in the result. However, Diablo players have a little hope. In addition to Diablo 4, Diablo 2 remaking also has great hope.