“Strangled death” created by Xiufu Kojima’s studio has won numerous favorable comments since it was put on sale. This is a good game, the music is also very good to listen to. < / P > < p > Ludwig Forssell tweeted a photo of him taking part in a recording of an “unpublished project,” but you can’t find any clues, only that he’s involved in making something. Will it be the next new work of hideko Kojima’s studio? That’s possible, because Ludwig Forssell was involved in the island’s “metal gear 5: phantom pain” and the music production of “P.T.” that died. < / P > < p > Ludwig Forssell may be involved in the development of a new horror game by Hideo Kojima, but he may be involved in other game projects, or even projects not related to the game. Anyway, Ludwig Forssell’s music is pretty good. Global Tech