Thanks to the early proposal of electric vehicle development plan in China and the introduction of specific subsidy, support and guidance policies, the domestic electric vehicle industry has developed rapidly in recent years.

However, judging from the recent sales situation, the sales pattern of the global electric vehicle market will change, and the sales situation in China has been reversed by Europe.

recently, Matthias Schmidt, an independent automobile analyst in Berlin, released a survey data, which shows that from January to July 2020, the cumulative registration of electric vehicles in Europe has reached 500000 (269000 pure electric vehicles and 231000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). According to the data of 888.7 million electric vehicles sold by China Automobile Association in 2020, the cumulative sales of some electric vehicles in China fell by 888.7% year on year.

at the same time, the trend of sales decline is obvious. According to this development trend, it is difficult for China to break through 1 million new energy vehicle sales by the end of this year. At that time, China’s title as the “largest new energy vehicle market” may not be guaranteed.

the policy of new energy subsidies has been implemented since 2017, and after the significant decline of subsidies in 2019. At present, the promotion subsidies provided by the state in the field of new energy vehicles are less and less, which is also the only way for the market to mature.

However, looking at the European market, the government subsidies for the promotion of new energy vehicles are in full swing. German subsidies for pure electric vehicles can reach as much as 70000 to 80000 yuan. In the Netherlands, 4500 euro is subsidized for each vehicle with a price below 45000 euro.

and this also puts forward higher requirements for automobile enterprises, which promotes them to continuously introduce more competitive new energy vehicles to compete with traditional fuel vehicles, which is a good thing for consumers and the whole new energy vehicle industry. Global Tech