Recently, Zhang Shang (pseudonym), an employee of Suning e-buy Shenzhen Branch, reported to the surging quality report and complaint platform that in August this year, the person in charge of a store of his Shenzhen Branch Company conveyed the “task” of the branch’s leaders, and forced more than 30 employees in the store to purchase the aistar frying pan worth 299 yuan, so as to “brush the bill”. < p > < p > including Zhang Shang, the staff of a store in Suning e-buy Shenzhen Branch were required to purchase the wok. Previously, they were repeatedly asked to buy products on sale, accompanied by punitive measures. < p > < p > he said that in addition to this “brush up”, employees had been asked to buy home appliances sold in Suning E-mart for many times before. If employees didn’t buy, they would be punished for overtime work or even fined 100 yuan. < p > < p > on this matter, Suning e-buy responded to surging news, saying that the company has formulated a strict management system to prohibit false sales. Once any illegal behavior is found, it will be dealt with seriously. Internal investigation is being carried out for the problems fed back by the media. Suning is a zero tolerance attitude if there are violations. < p > < p > Zhang Shang reflected that in the case of uncompleted sales performance, their stores received instructions from the branch company every month to force employees to buy “whirlpool” home appliances with deep cooperation with Suning, as well as other brand products sold in Suning to “boost performance”. Generally, employees will return products purchased by other brands, but it is difficult for them to return their own products, so they will find opportunities to sell them to customers. If not, they will be required to work overtime and will be fined 100 yuan if they are not completed for many times. < p > < p > he showed a chat record of wechat group work to reporters, and said that on September 10, a store manager issued the following notice: “today everyone stores water for their own products, and tomorrow for their own tasks, 5000 for everyone, 3000 for small appliances, one for 3C, and one for tweeters. There are unfinished store collections at 20 o’clock.” < / P > < p > in addition to being asked to buy and sell home appliances, Zhang Shang also said that they were also required to use Suning’s smart retail data product “Qianli communication” to promote products to customers, “every employee makes about 100 phone calls every month.”. Zhang Shang provided another screenshot of the chat record, saying that the person in charge of his store said that if he did not make a phone call with “Qianli messenger”, he would be directly fined 100 yuan to the cashier. < p > < p > the surging news noted that in March this year, Suning employees reported on the social platform that Suning forced employees of the whole industry to participate in community promotion and sales. The assessment standard was two minimum guarantee orders per capita, and the total order amount reached more than 1000 yuan. If the task could not be completed, there would be corresponding punishment. < p > < p > Suning e-buy is the retail distribution plate of Suning Holdings Co., Ltd. In the first half of 2020, the sales scale of e-buy increased by 19.47% compared with the same period of last year, and the sales scale of e-buy increased by 19.47% in the first half of 2020, and the sales scale of e-buy increased by 19.47% in the first half of 2020. < p > < p > on September 10, the all China Federation of industry and Commerce officially released the list of China’s top 500 private enterprises in 2020. According to the list, Suning holding group ranks second in China’s top 500 private enterprises in 2020 with revenue of 665.259 billion yuan, and the first in China’s top 100 private enterprises in service industry. Skip to content