Beijing News shell financial news (reporter Chen Weicheng) in 2021, the retail industry is doomed to bloodbath. On February 19, at the 2021 Spring Festival Party of Suning group, Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning group, said that focusing on retail development, those who are not in the main retail track should be cut.

Zhang Jindong said, “in the fourth decade, Suning is taking off its burden and going to battle with light weight, but at the same time, there is no room for maneuver. We should firmly focus on retail development, focus on the main channel and main battlefield from top to bottom, do subtraction and shrink the front line. Those who are not in the main retail track should be cut down. “

“It is necessary to carry out drastic business reform, accelerate opening and enabling, optimize the store structure, promote the integration of large and fast consumer supply chain, and promote the adjustment of logistics network.” Zhang Jindong said that focusing on the four profit points of home appliances, independent products, inefficient business adjustment and various cost control, he strengthened the four scale growth sources of e-buy main station, retail cloud, B2B platform and Maoning.

“At the beginning of the group’s new decade, we are not only facing many external uncertainties, but also experiencing deep-seated changes in the industry. It can be said that only by maintaining the strength and facing the difficulties can we resist the external uncertainty and have the opportunity to achieve a new round of development. ” Zhang Jindong said.