“Super Mario 3D world + fury world” has been officially put on sale on February 5, and many media have given good comments on it, including full marks. Nintendo’s official pipeline channel released the media praise film of the work. Let’s enjoy it together. Super Mario 3D world + rage world


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“Super Mario 3D world + rage world” is an enhanced transplant version of wiiu “Super Mario 3D world”. In addition to retaining all the contents of wiiu, the game adds a “Rage world” mode. In this new mode, little Cuba will imitate Mario’s actions and assist in the process of the game. In addition, he can give 2p direct operation. In the game, the fury sun in the sky will change and cause the appearance of fury Kuba. By getting five cats’ sunshine, Mario can unlock the huge cat bell and become a giant cat. Mario will compete with fury Cuba head-on. A successful victory will unlock a brand new island to explore.

Partial media rating:

VG247 100 points

VGC 100 points

Nintendo life 100 points

Vooks 100 points

Gamespot 90 points

Video chums 92 points

The gamer 90

Ign Italia 90 points

Twinfine 90 points

Ausgamers 86 points

Cogconnected 80 points

Video screen: