At Nintendo direct 2021 on Wednesday, Nintendo revealed to players that super rush will be launched on switch platform on June 25. In addition, during the keynote speech of the face-to-face meeting, the company also outlined a number of game plans in the next six months, such as the new development of IP such as Zelda and splatoon.


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Video capture (from Nintendo)

While releasing the game preview, Nintendo also introduced how to use switch with joy con handle to play greater sports creativity (such as golf swing and some modes).

Nintendo Direct 2021 – all the new trailers revealed(via)

For example, in speed Golf mode, three players will compete on the same route. There is also a story mode that allows players to grow from a cute new character to a professional golfer.

Foreign media pointed out that this is the latest adventure launched by Mario on switch. Previous works include tennis in 2018, as well as a series of theme games for the Tokyo Olympics in 2019.

However, in terms of golf, Nintendo is also the third time to invite malio. It can be traced back to NES platform in 1987 and N64 platform in 1999.

As one of the announcements released at Nintendo direct 2021 on Wednesday, Nintendo is happy to release the remake of legend of Zelda: the sword of the sky and its switch (joy con) handle.

The release time of the handle is July 16, and the HD remaking game will come on the same day.

Finally, Nintendo released a preview of the game and how to play jet squid 3, as well as two new characters in Star Wars: pyra and mytrha from blade of difference 2.