The projection distance can reach 7.5 meters, the full-color visual distance covers 30 meters, and the projection image reaches 44 inches, which can display navigation information and real ar road conditions.

referring to the selling price of fuel version H9, it is expected that the price of e-hs9 is also high. At this price, you can basically think of the comfort configuration will be complete.

the front seats of new cars support 18 way electric adjustment, and the heating, ventilation and massage functions of the front and rear seats are standard. The luxury and comfort in the car can even be compared with the luxury cars such as Rolls Royce.

in terms of power, red flag e-hs9 is also a bright spot. The new car also supports the wireless charging technology of the whole vehicle. In a specific wireless charging station, the vehicle only needs to drive into the charging area and can be charged without inserting wires, and the battery can be fully charged in 8.4 hours, which is very efficient.

in the power part, the system comprehensive power of the new high-power version is 405kw, and the peak torque is 750N · M. Equipped with 92.4kwh battery pack, the comprehensive range reaches 600km.