In fact, apple is not willing to give up the small screen model. Reviving the iPhone Se series is only the first step, and the next 5.4 inch iPhone 12 is the big move, which can also make the gap between models more obvious. Now some netizens have exposed the real screen of the so-called 5.4-inch iPhone 12. First of all, we can see two details from this spy photo. First, Liu Haiping screen is provided, and the size of Liu Hai screen is not much different from the current iPhone 11 series, and there is no so-called reduction. The other is that the screen size is not very large.

according to the information disclosed by the source, this 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is a full screen with bangs, which can be mastered by one hand, and it is the real small screen flagship.

of course, if the fuselage is small, then the corresponding battery capacity will not have a big breakthrough. According to the details disclosed by the Korean media before, the 5.4-inch version of the model may have a built-in 2227mah capacity battery.

in this case, with the support of A14 processor, the iPhone 12 5.4-inch version has less than 2300mah capacity battery, which should be stable once a day.