Recently, he was furious again, spurting Taito and Sega’s “dung combination”. He criticized the newly released classic game “Darius” to entice players to buy by using limited special allusion. He really disdained to be in the same game circle with it. < p > < p > · on October 9, Kobe suddenly quoted the classic game “Darius” in advance to spray Taito and Sega’s “dung combination”, which aroused heated discussion among netizens. Many Japanese players were puzzled and didn’t know why he was so angry. This time, Yingshu Shengu was even more rude, directly indicating the “dung combination” of Taito and Sega industry. < / P > < p > · things quickly ferment and attract the attention of many industry leaders. On the 13th, Kobe Valley finally expressed the reason for his fury in his reply, “don’t tempt players to buy Limited special classics that can’t be started again!” , which means that the game factory is just the spittoon of the industry and the destroyer of the game culture. < / P > < p > · in fact, not only games, but also many products will attract consumers with various restricted products before they are put on sale, and the fury of Shenggu Yingshu may be an outbreak of resentment that has been accumulated for a long time. Global Tech