According to reports, the German wafer maker sittronic said in a statement that it was in-depth negotiations with Taiwan’s global wafers, which is preparing to buy sittronic for 3.75 billion euros (4.5 billion US dollars). < / P > < p > the silonic executive committee found the price appropriate and attractive. Wacker Chemie AG, Siltronic’s largest shareholder, owns 30.8% of the company and is ready to sell at that price. “After the merger, the new company will become a leading player in the wafer industry,” silvertronic said in a statement It also said Germany would not lose jobs because of the merger until 2024. The stock has risen 48% in the quarter. < / P > < p > in 2016, the scale of M & A transactions in the global chip industry reached as high as US $122 billion, which is the highest in history; if the acquisition of silonic and international Yuanjing is successfully completed, the global transaction volume will reach a new high this year. The biggest chip acquisition in 2016 was Softbank’s acquisition of arm, with a transaction volume of US $24 billion. < / P > < p > based in Munich, Germany, the company is a leading manufacturer of round crystals, which can be used for smart phones, computers, navigation devices and digital display devices. Silvronic has production lines and offices in Germany, the United States and other developed countries. In 2019, its global revenue is about 1.3 billion euro (about 1.56 billion US dollars), and its operating profit is 300 million euro. The company is listed in Germany. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park