According to Taiwan media economic daily, BYD Electronics Co., Ltd. OEM Apple’s new iPad, which will make Foxconn of Hon Hai Group in mainland China, be in a dilemma. In his first apple Research Report in 2020, Guo Mingzhen, an analyst at Tianfeng international, predicted that BYD would replace Guangda in 2020 and take charge of some assembly orders for entry-level iPads. He said that if BYD electronics can successfully produce the iPad in 2020, it will get assembly orders for a higher version of the iPad in 2021. However, this is not good news for Foxconn, the No.1 OEM of Apple products. In the past, orders for iPhones were once contracted by Foxconn. Until 2010, in order to avoid Foxconn being the dominant company, apple began to disperse OEM orders. Taiwan’s Renbao, Guangda, Weichuang, Heshuo, as well as the mainland’s lichen precision and other representative factories have successively entered the apple industrial chain. < p > < p > it is pointed out that Apple chose BYD electronics for OEM production not only because it has mature OEM experience, but also because BYD has a total of 140000 employees, one fifth of which have participated in the production of consumer electronic products, which can provide apple with sufficient capacity. In addition, it is also reported that BYD can do almost all of the OEM business of 3C products and related accessories, including high-end precision molds. In addition, Foxconn’s international customers are also BYD’s customers, and many of them have transferred their business from Foxconn to BYD. Global Tech