Recently, a large-scale recall to Japan’s Ministry of land and Equipment Co., Ltd. caused a large-scale recall of about 9 million high safety belts to Japanese manufacturers, which may have affected the supply of 9 million high safety belts to Japanese manufacturers. It is reported that the safety belts in question were all manufactured in a factory in Yangen City, west of Nagoya, Japan, mainly involving the modification of strength test data to make the safety belts seem to meet the requirements of the regulations. In fact, these safety belts did not meet the safety standards. < / P > < p > are these 9 million defective seat belts all equipped with new cars sold in Japan, or are they related to new cars sold in other countries? At present, there is no clear information, because the sales area of these safety belts has not been announced. Whether the vehicles in China are affected remains to be investigated. < / P > < p > it is also Takata and a crucial safety accessory. I believe that many consumers hate Takata group. However, Takata group has gone bankrupt in 2017, which is equivalent to leaving after patting the buttocks. It is estimated that 2 million vehicles will be recalled in this outbreak of safety belt defect. Who will bear the cost? It’s a mystery. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities