Like other industries, subscription services are rapidly becoming a key part of the game industry. Although Microsoft’s Xbox gamepass is not the first subscription service, it has been strongly promoted by Microsoft since its launch, and the service and similar content are considered to have great potential in the future. However, not everyone is optimistic about the trend. < p > < p > at the revenue conference call, Karl slatoff, President of take two interactive, talked about his views on subscription services. While he thinks they certainly have a place in the industry as a whole, he’s not sure it’s going to be the main way to distribute games. He pointed out the way consumers actually buy games, the low entry point for video games, and said subscriptions would be more about providing older lineups of redistributions. < / P > < p > “subscriptions can play a role in providing a lineup of games. We’ve already supported a large number of subscriptions, which offer a variety of redistributions, and I think we’ll continue to do so. In any case, it’s up to the consumers to decide, and we will be with them. ” The CEO of take two interactive has also mentioned a similar analysis of cloud games, so it seems that they are quite different from Microsoft in the future. Of course, only time can tell who is right in the end. No matter what it looks like, the current game industry is changing rapidly. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple