Rockstar Games and 2K

Take two, the parent company of games, confirmed recently that R star will continue to focus on making stand-alone games. Although they have continuously sold real-time service-oriented works “Grand Theft Auto ol” and “wild escort ol” this year, and gained a lot of profits, they will still sell single player game works at the same time. Take-Two

CEO Strauss Zelnick said r star will continue to exist as a studio focusing on plot oriented and stand-alone experience.


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Although it seems that, compared with single game, R star has begun to transform into real-time service for multiplayer game works, the financial report shows that there is no need for them to choose between them. R star is a studio known for its “great storyline and great single game experience” and has achieved great success over the years, Zelnick said. He said that the studio is ready to continue the direction of “Grand Theft Auto 5”: to make a game with “powerful single part” and “plot experience”, plus online multiplayer elements, to bring the best works to both sides.

Zelnick believes that “wild escort 2” and “wild escort ol” are the latest examples of “R star can walk on two legs”. Moreover, R star also plans to use this mode in other subsequent games, that is to say, not only Grand Theft Auto and wild escort series. For example, “Rooney the bully” sequel to the day of sale, will also use this model.

Zelnick talked about the anxiety of players about game companies abandoning stand-alone games on a large scale and switching to online multiplayer games. He said: “there was such a dispute a few years ago, not only recently, but also not a unique one. Many of our competitors’ studios are also faced with this situation. Some people say that the stand-alone machine is dead, and in the future, it will become a full-scale online game. We don’t believe that. I can make it clear that we don’t believe it, and our company doesn’t believe it. ” Take two’s continued investment in stand-alone games also reflects the current market situation.

In recent years, the game industry plot to, stand-alone to the game gradually began to emerge, many have also won the reputation of the market double harvest. For example, “the God of war”, “Horizon: Dawn” and “the ghost of Malaysia” are good examples. However, in the past two years, R star has not introduced plots to DLC for their existing works, but has continuously provided multiplayer game content for players.

However, the plots of “Grand Theft Auto 5” and “wild escort 2” are rich enough, and the part of single battle is unforgettable. Now, R star will not give up the single game experience, and the success of their current model will not give them any reason to change.