“When did Taobao change its edition, how can’t we find the medium and bad reviews? How can I buy something?” At the end of September this year, the evaluation system of Taobao’s personal stores ushered in reform, and the “medium poor evaluation” was replaced with the label of “feeling bad”, which made many buyers at a loss, while individual shopkeepers thought that they could protect the interests of small and medium-sized sellers. Just the seller did not happy for long, Taobao in October will be “bad comments” quietly restored. < p > < p > on September 23, the mobile phone Taobao revised the evaluation system. In the past, when users click on “baby evaluation”, they will see the item of medium poor evaluation. However, after the revision, the content of medium poor evaluation is merged into “feeling bad”, and it is arranged after many related items launched by high praise. In the past, the medium and poor reviews that were separately displayed in the past were thus hidden. < / P > < p > “in general, I will go to see the medium and poor reviews when I buy things. If it is not related to the quality of the product, I can buy it at ease. Now a lot of good reviews are brush out, a look is particularly false, did not look at bad reviews before, but also suffered a few losses. ” Feng Yi, from Zhejiang, told zhongxin.com that if he didn’t know about the revision of the evaluation system in advance and saw the label of “poor experience”, if he didn’t click in, he might think that there was no bad evaluation in this shop. < / P > < p > a staff member of Guochao clothing brand told zhongxin.com that the high praise rate is an important index of Taobao’s personal stores and commodity search ranking, which will affect the search, participation in marketing activities and Taobao through train and other aspects. The sales volume of individual stores is low, and the total number of evaluations is far less than that of flagship stores. In this case, a poor evaluation will greatly affect the praise rate of the whole store. Therefore, hidden in the bad comments, for individual sellers is good. < p > < p > < p > “medium difference evaluation system” was once an important part of Taobao credit evaluation system. In view of eBay, it was first launched in 2003. Since then, although Taobao has experienced many adjustments, the evaluation system has always existed and has become an important reference for consumers to shop. < / P > < p > but in the view of shop owners, this can protect small and medium-sized sellers. “If we are a personal store, a bad evaluation will lead to a decline in store scores and sales volume will also be affected. Revision can make some customers ignore the bad comments, and can reduce the impact of accidental negative evaluation on the product Mr. Zhu, the individual shopkeeper of Taobao, told reporters of zhongxin.com. At the same time, he believes that the hidden medium and poor reviews do not mean that the medium and poor reviews are deleted, but become less obvious and reduce the intervention on the buyer’s decision-making. If the quality is not up to standard, resulting in too many bad reviews, it will also make the store score lower and difficult to continue. < / P > < p > but in the view of consumers, this increases the choice cost of shopping. What do you think of the “bad comments in Taobao no longer show separately” initiated by the black cat complaint 90% of netizens thought that “if it’s not good, it should be intuitive.”. Recently, according to the actual measurement of China news network reporters, it has been found that the bad reviews on Taobao, which once disappeared at the end of September, made a comeback in October. The only difference is that the medium and poor reviews have changed from separate display to combined display. Flagship stores do not display medium and poor reviews, while individual stores display medium and poor reviews. < / P > < p > take a flagship store that operates leather goods as an example. Its popular product is a replacement watch strap, with up to 24770 comments. Taobao classifies these comments into six labels. The first five are positive labels such as “good quality” and “good-looking design”. Only the last “a little hard” is a relatively negative label, but it does not show medium or bad comments after clicking in. < / P > < p > in another personal store that operates digital accessories, although the historical evaluation of a wristband reaches 1299, which is comparable to some flagship stores in quantity, if you click on the comment, you will find that in addition to “good quality” and “will buy back”, there is also a separate “medium and poor evaluation” that can be viewed. The “feel bad” label of September has disappeared. < / P > < p > Why do you suddenly withdraw the function of hidden bad comments? Some sellers consulted the official Taobao, and the reply was that they need to wait for market feedback to determine the way to display comments. In other words, the government is actually in the stage of exploration, and there is no definite number. Ms. GUI, the owner of convenience food, told zhongxin.com that during the test of canceling “medium poor evaluation” in Taobao in September, she found that the link conversion rate of her store was lower than usual. “The buyer didn’t know that the review area was changed, and after a walk, we couldn’t see the bad comment. We suspected that our praise was brush, and finally went to the flagship store to place an order directly.” However, Ms. GUI still supports hidden negative comments. “In the past, I met too many people who gave bad comments on purpose, so I had to spend money to avoid disaster. Although the revised version of the poor evaluation of the existence of low, but the buyer is still able to give bad comments, so we have a high reputation level store, there are still some advantages. And it can narrow the gap with the flagship store to a certain extent. After all, their medium and poor reviews are not displayed separately < p > < p > in 2014, a research report on online shopping credit of Tianjin Normal University pointed out that the “poor evaluation system” represented by Taobao did not consider the buyer’s credit problem, which led to the uncertainty and randomness of buyer’s evaluation, and directly led to the emergence of “professional bad evaluators”. These professional poor evaluators who are active in Taobao have evolved into “damaging competition” Competing for the credibility of the opponent “. < / P > < p > one of the interviewees said that he had just spent 10 yuan to get the buyer to eliminate a bad comment. “Every three to five you will encounter a deliberate bad evaluation, freight insurance does not return, not to bad comments. Just now, this one is quite good to talk about, but I really can’t help it when I meet someone who refuses to give up. ” < / P > < p > contacted by the reporter, who claimed to be “the most professional team for improving scores and deleting medium and poor reviews”, said that they accepted the entrustment of the owners and helped the owners and users communicate through their own customer service system to solve the problem of medium and poor reviews. “Business has always been good, especially recently, the medium and bad reviews have come back. Improving the score is just needed for individual owners. Our team is helping to solve problems, not disturbing consumers.” < p > < p > Alibaba’s old rival, Jingdong, uses a “five-star” star rating system without a clear choice of good, medium and poor. At the same time, Jingdong’s evaluation system is also divided into a number of tags to give users more intuitive information reference. < / P > < p > at present, the product evaluation of Jingdong platform will not only show the user’s score, but also show the positive rate, as well as the situation of medium and poor evaluation. Taobao’s current product evaluation is similar to this, but there is no positive rate. < p > < p > in the reform of evaluation system, it is more obvious that pinduoduo is more important. In 2019, the total transaction amount of pinduoduo will exceed one trillion, and the number of active users will reach 585 million, which will not only surpass JD, but also narrow the gap in the number of active users with Alibaba. The evaluation system of pinduoduo is similar to that of Jingdong, but there are fewer negative labels and almost no display. What does pinduoduo rely on to gain user trust? < / P > < p > in order to solve the problem of insufficient trust among consumers, pinduoduo especially emphasizes the “acquaintance relationship”, and develops and expands the mode of “making a new group”. In February this year, pinduoduo launched the function of making small circles again. In a small circle, users can share their consumption experience with friends. “It’s more trustworthy than a stranger’s comment.” There are comments from the industry. In recent years, Ali is also following the trend. Tmall stores have long cancelled the medium and poor evaluation system of separate display, and also adopted star rating evaluation. The difference is that users can not directly screen and view the low scores of 1 to 2 stars. This mobile phone Taobao revision can be described as another attempt to weaken the “bad comments”. < p > < p > “it has a positive significance to use specific standards to replace the relatively single medium and poor evaluation. For example, if consumers find that the leather is not good, they can put forward targeted improvement requirements, which is more valuable than just saying that they are highly praised but have poor evaluation. Later, it changed back, indicating that Taobao is exploring and reforming the evaluation system and is looking for better solutions to the existing problems. We should be more tolerant of reform. ” Tan Haojun said. Global Tech

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