Taobao home page was upgraded before the arrival of double 11. After upgrading, the focus map will be moved down and changed to vertical version, which can cover pictures, short videos, live broadcast and other forms. The top classification tab will be cancelled. In addition, guess you like to enter the first screen. The upgraded Taobao home page also added a “mini detail page”, that is, a brief overview of product information, and multiple related products are displayed on the same page. If consumers are interested in a product, click again to enter the specific product details page. < p > < p > Taobao explained that for merchants, the combination of “mini detail page” and “detail page” will increase the probability of goods being displayed. Under the “mini detail page” of some commodities, there are similar items in the same store. < / P > < p > from “thousands of people and thousands of faces” to “all in wireless”, and then to “guess what you like” online, it emphasizes intelligence and content. This year, Taobao home page has completed the transformation of “comprehensive information flow”. Ping Chou, who is in charge of Taobao’s products and content, believes that Taobao will become better and better through richer and personalized content. Taobao related people also revealed that the home page upgrade is only the first step, and Taobao app will continue to try new products in the future. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia