Taobao special edition will launch annual promotion of “1 yuan more fragrance Festival”;! Since October 10, more than 100 million pieces of factory goods have been sent free of charge. “1 yuan more fragrance Festival” is the biggest promotion activity held since Taobao’s special edition was launched in March this year, and its positioning is “double 11” of factory goods. The latter’s “special sale” on October coincided with that of “Taobao factory” on October. < p > < p > Qigong, vice president of Alibaba and general manager of Taobao c2m business unit, said that Taobao’s special price version will continue to increase subsidies for factory goods. In front of consumers, there is no “true fragrance”, only “more fragrant”. < p > < p > since this year, the launch of Taobao special edition has changed the competitive pattern of the industrial belt market. Pinduoduo has been increasing subsidies to create the perception of the so-called “true fragrance”. It even invested 100 million yuan in July to hold the “Zhenxiang Festival”. However, with the precision of Taobao’s special price version, pinduoduo is not so “fragrant”. < p > < p > data shows that Taobao special edition is the most rapidly growing mainstream shopping software this year. As of June this year, Taobao’s monthly active users (MAU) exceeded 40 million, creating a growth miracle that the number of users doubled in almost 20 days. The user scale and growth rate of Taobao’s special price version far exceed the performance of pinduoduo and other competitive products in the same period. < p > < p > only half a year after its launch, Taobao’s special edition launched the annual promotion of “1 yuan more fragrance Festival”, showing its vigorous momentum as a new business. The attraction of Taobao special price edition to users and businesses is growing. Reliable quality assurance and logistics after-sales further change the mixed pattern of good and bad in the sinking market. < / P > < p > just on September 17, Taobao special edition just announced that it was connected with Alibaba’s domestic trade B2B platform 1688. More good factory products that used to do wholesale on 1688 platform will directly enter Taobao’s special edition, further enriching the supply of Taobao’s special edition. The mode of “factory direct supply” can minimize the intermediate links and make Taobao special edition the first choice for foreign trade to domestic sales. < / P > < p > as the world’s first shopping app with c2m customized products as the core supply, Taobao special edition continues to strengthen the data empowerment of platform merchants. Businesses entering the special price version can predict the trend in advance through consumer insight, and reduce costs and increase efficiency through Alibaba’s digital system. The person in charge of Taobao special edition said that low price does not mean low quality. The preferential price of special price version relies on the efficiency improvement of production and circulation, which is the embodiment of Ali’s ecological and supply chain advantages. < p > < p > The Research Report on the digital value of foreign trade to domestic sales and e-commerce platform released by the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the e-commerce platform can not only meet consumers’ demands for “ultra-high cost performance”, but also help export-oriented manufacturing enterprises to create popular funds with “small profits and more sales” and quickly open up the domestic market Market. The new trend of “special price economy” set off by factory direct selling platforms such as Taobao special price version is becoming the main driving force for the recovery of industrial belt factories. < p > < p > relevant people believe that the “1 yuan more fragrant Festival” will not only become a carnival for consumers, but also help foreign trade factories and industrial belt businesses to better participate in the transformation and upgrading process of domestic and domestic dual cycle. Global Tech