On Tuesday, TCL released its latest generation of 5-series and 6-series roku TVs in overseas markets, among which the most prominent feature of the 6 series is the support of mini LED display technology. In terms of price, the

miniled is a new display backlight technology. Last year, TCL 8 series roku brought this technology into the market for the first time. Its LED chip is only 0.2 mm, and the 6 series carries more than 1000 pieces (8 series is 25000 pieces), realizing 240 area division light control. The addition of mini LED can improve the contrast and brightness of the display, so it is said to be comparable to OLED without screen burning.

in addition, the 6-series TV has a maximum 120Hz variable refresh rate, supports thx certified game mode, provides four HDMI interfaces (one earc), supports Dolby view, hdr10 / HLG and other HDR formats, metal frame, and running roku system.