Tencent has taken a 10% stake in Shanghai Lingxi Information Technology Co., Ltd., the developer of the lost soul of the domestic act, according to a well-known foreign analyst Daniel Ahmad on twitter. Shanghai Lingxi Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, after the “lost soul” demonstration was released. “Lost soul” was also selected as one of Sony Playstation’s “China Star project” games. At present, the development of the game is progressing smoothly.


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At the same time, according to the enterprise search app, Tencent injected 2 million yuan into Shanghai Lingxi Information Technology Co., Ltd., holding 10% of the shares. The first shareholding date is January 18, 2021.

In addition, Daniel Ahmad said Tencent has been increasing its acquisition activities in the field of high-definition console games, acquiring minority and majority stakes in Chinese and overseas game developers.

Tencent has also invested in a number of Chinese console game developers, including dark star technology studio, the developer of the road to redemption.

Lost soul was first published in 2016, when Yang Bing was the only developer. Later, Sony contacted Yang Bing and joined the game into the China Star program. Now, a 14 person team is developing the game.