In the early hours of December 9, Beijing time, Texas attorney general Ken Paxton said on Tuesday that alphabet’s Google company could face more lawsuits from states “in the coming weeks and months.”. Paxton said several states are investigating antitrust concerns involving Google’s search business. In 2019, Paxton launched a survey of the company involving 48 states. < / P > < p > Paxton made the above remarks about Google’s investigation in a panel discussion with global competition officials as federal and state law enforcement officials in the United States are stepping up their scrutiny of technology giants. In October, he filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google with the Attorney General of the U.S. Department of justice and 10 other Republican states. In addition, Paxton’s office is investigating Google’s alleged dominance of the online advertising market, which is expected to lead to litigation. At the same time, there are reports that Facebook will face lawsuits from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a coalition of states as early as this week. < / P > < p > according to another source, the states leading the investigation into suspected antitrust practices in Google’s search business include Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska. The States and the U.S. Department of Justice said they would seek and prosecute. Rohit Chopra, a member of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, also spoke at a panel discussion on Tuesday. He said antitrust officials should refute Facebook’s claim that any enforcement action against large US technology companies would only benefit technology giants in other countries. Facebook and other U.S. technology companies are pushing this position forward in order to get a “blank check” that allows them to do whatever they want, he said. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone