Researchers studying the diving habits of beaked whales observed that a particular whale stayed underwater for a very long time. In the first round of observation, the whale stayed underwater for nearly three hours. A week later, it stayed underwater for almost four hours. < / P > < p > whales have the ability to hold their breath for more than two minutes, but a special whale off the North Carolina coast shocked researchers at Duke University and the Cascadia research center because it showed the ability to stay underwater for more than three hours. < / P > < p > as reported by Gizmodo, the researchers observed for the first time during an observation that this whale, a kuvier beaked whale with the label zctag066, spent nearly three hours in the surf off the coast. That was impressive enough, but the following week, the same whale broke its own record, staying underwater for three hours and 42 minutes. < / P > < p > The aim of the study was to determine how long it would take the whale to forage deep below the surface. They know whales dive deep for food, but they’re not sure how long they can hold out before they have to surface to breathe air. They tracked 3680 dives of 23 whales, and although their early estimates suggested that whales could last 33 minutes under the sea, they found that whales had more than that. < p > < p > the record breaking dive of 3 hours and 42 minutes completely broke the scientists’ expectation, although there may be external factors at work. The two longest dives are not included in the official data points because the sonar used by the US navy may have been exposed to whales a few weeks ago. It is possible that sonar has changed the way whales behave, but the mechanism underlying this is unclear and not documented. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone