I believe many kids have played the game of catching dolls. However, if you grasp it for thousands of times, the baby still lives at the end of the cliff. Now don’t doubt yourself. In fact, this is the routine. < / P > < p > · “toreba” is a popular game recently. It is not a digital simulation game, but a game that allows players to remotely control the entity doll grabbing machine on the Internet You can catch dolls as much as you can without going to the game hall. However, the problem comes. Recently, a highly suspected fake video of employees was exposed by the “toreba” victims Association, revealing the truth of the doll grabbing machine. < / P > < p > · according to the survey, this video reveals the fake process of a variety of doll grabbing machine games, and the process is basically the same: the first time the doll grabbing grip is powerful, it can easily grab or drive the prize, and then when the player grabs, the grip is quietly changed to be powerless. Even if the player makes great efforts, the prize will be stuck at the edge and can not be grasped. What’s more, some awards are more irritating Even if the product is lost, it will be stuck on the pole. < / P > < p > · in fact, there has been more than one dispute over the doll grabbing machine in Japan. Before that, some Japanese players tried to spend a lot of money to catch dolls, but more consumers just chose to believe in their “bad luck”. The small partners who like to catch Dolls should keep their normal mind. If they are too entangled, they can only fall into the trap of unscrupulous merchants. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract