An Apple II lid, signed by Apple co founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, will be auctioned in late November. As part of Doyle’s collection of rare books, signatures and maps, the estimated auction price is between $20000 and $302000. The cover was prepared for the late Thomas Earl neudecker II of the University of Pittsburgh at the Macintosh computer conference on January 24, 1984, with the joint signatures of jobs and watts on the felt tips. < / P > < p > Apple products and commemorative items with Mr. Jobs’s signature usually bid high at auction. For example, the first edition of Macworld in 2018 sold for $47775 in 2018. Then a floppy disk signed by jobs sold for at least $7500 in 2019. < / P > < p > by contrast, items with the signatures of jobs and watts are even rarer. Especially after jobs left apple in 1985, the estrangement between them deepened. Global Tech