Apple TV app and Apple TV + will appear on chromecast along with Google TV, Google’s set-top box competitor. The Apple TV app has been used on many brands of set-top boxes, smart TVs and even game consoles, but it has been avoiding Google hardware intentionally or unintentionally until now. < / P > < p > Apple TV app and all of its content will appear on chromecast and Google’s other TV set-top box models. The announcement came after Apple music was added to Google’s smart speaker lineup. This shows that apple is now changing its strategy and is no longer shy about bringing its media services into its competitors’ platforms. < / P > < p > the Apple TV app on chromecast and Google TV will include access to all of the content purchased by iTunes, Apple TV + and any Apple TV channels you subscribe to. The app will retain the user interface of other Apple products, with similar functions, but lack the ability to launch content from other apps such as Hulu. Global Tech