This Friday, some users who participate in the first booking should receive iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro phones. Which color do you like best? Now some netizens have shared the silver version of the iPhone 12 pro and said that it should be the most textured of all colors. < / P > < p > from the picture, the silver version of the iPhone 12 Pro looks very clean, with silver glass on the back and a light gold frame (surgical grade stainless steel). At the same time, the main panel on the back is silver, and the apple logo is in the middle. In addition, the light golden frame looks glossy, while the blue one is black. < / P > < p > before that, many netizens have exposed the iPhone 12 box on social media. However, these are only real machines that are out of the box and can’t be turned on, because something will happen if it is activated at this time. < / P > < p > photos posted by netizens show that Apple agents have assigned new iPhone 12 series phones to distributors. Some mobile phones have warning stickers on their boxes. It is forbidden to activate in advance, otherwise a fine of RMB 200000 will be imposed. < p > < p > from the actual display of the real machine, the flat stainless steel middle frame of the iPhone 12 is basically the same as that of the iPhone 4. At the same time, the mobile phone is very thin, after all, only 7.4mm thick. At the same time, the three camera module on the back has a slight bulge. Global Tech