Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked to appear before the house of Commons environmental audit special committee, but the company did not respond before the September 4 deadline, after being asked to select a representative to speak on its behalf in July. < / P > < p > the committee mainly studies how government policies and plans affect the environment and sustainable development, and specifically studies Apple’s actions in combating e-waste. “& quot; Apple’s unwillingness to answer my committee’s questions leads us to believe that its environmental obligations are not being taken seriously enough,” Philip Dunne, head of the committee, said in a statement. &Although the company’s efforts on climate change seem to have a positive story to tell. &With more than two billion units sold, Apple’s response to the measures it has taken to minimize its environmental footprint is crucial, Dunn said. He said that too much electronic equipment is too difficult to maintain or too expensive to maintain, resulting in a society full of discarded electronic products;. Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment from the company. In February this year, Apple was fined 25 million euro by an anti consumer fraud organization in France and 10 million euro by Italian antitrust agency. The reason is that Apple deliberately slows down the speed of some iPhone models through software update, which may have a negative incentive for users to upgrade and update their devices. Apple has strongly refuted the accusation of scrapping the plan in the past. < p > < p > earlier this year, apple promised to achieve carbon neutrality across its business and manufacturing supply chain by 2030. This month, Apple announced that it would build two of the world’s largest onshore wind turbines near Esbjerg in Denmark to expand its investment in renewable energy. Skip to content